Voices: Rhinehart

The two rules for work

Start early and wait until the last minute. Work in parallel, not serial.

By R. Russell Rhinehart
Aug 29, 2019

It may seem contradictory to start early and wait, but consider this: The situation is always changing. So, if you invest effort into a project and complete it early, by the time it is needed, “they” may want something totally different. The customer changes its mind as it comes to understand its needs, the business environment context changes, the enterprise management changes, laws and regulations change, and as time progresses, we come to understand nuances that reshape the objective. You’ve probably worked on a project that was shelved before its completion, cancelled by a seemingly capricious leadership. So, it makes sense to not invest time and effort in something that might never be needed, or make a final decision that may be overturned later when the situation has changed or is better understood. This would just waste time, start processes that would have to be overturned, or reveal an error in a decision. So, wait until the last moment to start on a project or declare a choice.

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