Voices: Rhinehart

Your potential is not just about technical skill

Just because you’re a grown-up doesn’t mean you’re complete

By R. Russell Rhinehart
Jul 9, 2019

One child is trained to appease their younger sibling. As a result, the younger child just becomes more demanding, making the older child more submissive. But such acquiescence pleases parents, which the older child is seeking to do. The two children learn that playing those different roles is the way to get what they want. When they become professionals, the younger’s “way” is to aggressively butt in to take what others might be about to do. It may be good defensive behavior on a basketball court or soccer field, but not in a team-oriented, collaborative, professional environment. The older seeks to comfort and save less-capable employees who find the work too hard. This diverts talent, and also undermines the organization.

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