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What Does MTP Mean for Process Automation?

July 1, 2024

Most modern process applications could benefit from increased modularity and there are emerging technologies that can help. The soon-to-be-finalized Modular Type Package (MTP) standard can help pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, specialty chemical, and other process manufacturers rapidly roll out new products and product variations, shift production nimbly in response to market or supply chain demands, simplify validation, and increase resilience to future natural or human-caused disasters.

NAMUR in Germany and other end user and industry groups have been working to develop the MTP approach and standards for chemical processes. While formal international standards have not yet been published, MTP proof-of-concept (POC) projects have progressed well beyond the conceptual phase. These real-world concepts demonstrate both the practicality and benefits of standard, MTP-based modular processes. These benefits include significantly reduced engineering time and cost and non-proprietary process control that enables end users to take advantage of best-in-class technologies and solutions, regardless of vendor.

Download this asset to see answers to commonly asked questions about MTP-based modular process automation by Jesse Hill, a process industry expert at Beckhoff USA.

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