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Process Automation Media's Process Automation Media Network contains a wealth of audio and video interviews conducted with some of the biggest names in process automation and instrumentation. CONTROL is exclusively dedicated to the global process automation market and reports on developing trends, illustrates successful applications, and updates the basic skills and knowledge base that provide the profession's foundation.

Listen to or save audio and video file interviews of various subject-matter experts from the industrial controls industries.

More Than the Old Standby
Walt Boyes talks point level with Mike Bayda of Brooks Instruments.

Disaster Recovery and The Automation Genome
Chris Lyden and Eddie Habibi of PAS discuss their Automation Genome project and their use of the genome to create an effective disaster recovery product with Control Editor in Chief Walt Boyes.

Great Kanduski: FDI Agreement (FOUR-PART Podcast)
Ian Verhappen and Hartmut Walrath of Invensys talk about the new FDI agreement. FDI defines extended device description for HART, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus, and is a giant step toward a unified fieldbus structure for automation.

Maintain Open Systems Efficiently and Safely
Today, open system networks allow for the most secure and efficient operations - but at what cost? In this podcast, we cover the current landscape around the remote services industry. Learn how you can maintain your open systems network efficiently and securely with minimal impact to your IT department by using remote services.

Upgrading Control Systems
Find out why people upgrade control systems and what the best ways are to do a system migration.

The 50 Largest Automation Companies
ARC's Larry O'Brien and Craig Resnick talk with Walt Boyes about vendors, rankings, mergers, acquisitions, technology trends and things end users need to watch for.

PODCAST: The Control/ARC Top 50
ARC's Larry O'Brien and Craig Resnick talk with Walt Boyes about vendors, rankings, mergers, acquisitions, technology trends and things end users need to watch for.

Predictive Maintenance, Wireless Sensing and Machine Connectivity Advances
Control's managing editor, Nancy Bartels, and ARC Advisory Group's research director, Ralph Rio, discuss how the advances in predictive maintenance, wireless sensing and machine connectivity are affecting EAM and the way companies now do maintenance.

Blog Talk Radio Talks SCADA
Allie Herzog from Blog Talk Radio Talks SCADA With CONTROL Magazine's Editor-In-Chief, Walt Boyes. Hear What He Has to Say

Fieldbus Architectures
Fieldbuses are maturing, cooperating better, getting easier to use, and are being adopted in new and different applications. In this podcast, Larry O'Brien and Will Chin, research directors for automation at ARC Advisory Group, explore and analyze some of these trends surrounding the recent evolution of the major fieldbuses and their likely future.

Will IT Security & Plant Security Ever Be Able to Work Together?
Walt Boyes explores this vital question with Bjorn Gudehus, a senior security advisor with Bell Canada, who spoke at the 2nd Annual Critical Infrastructure Conference in Calgary on Sept 28, 2009. Gudehus' paper is titled "Control System Security: Corporate and Control Resources Working Together."

Emerson and Meridium Double Up to Increase Asset Management Strength
Emerson Process Management and Meridium have entered a unique partnership to deliver enhanced asset management capability to their process industry customers. In this podcast, Bonz Hart, Meridium president, and Craig Llewellyn, president of Emerson's Asset Optimization business, discuss this partnership and what users can expect from the new AMS Suite: Asset Portal 4.0 powered by Meridium.

What's New in Avantis.PRO 5.0?
Invensys Avantis EAM software guru Kim Custeau answers our questions about improvement including Web Services, Maintenance Map and Contractor Management.

Batch Operations
This month, Control and ARC Advisory Group's podcast series examines batch operations. The podcast includes commentary and insights by John Blanchard, ARC's principal analyst. He is interviewed by Jim Montague, Control's executive editor.

Daniel Measurement's New Ultrasonic Flowmeter Transducer
Walt Boyes and Dan Hackett of Emerson's Daniel Measurement & Control Division talk about the new Daniel ultrasonic flowmeter transducer firmware/software design, which will debut at the Emerson Exchange meeting the last week of September.

What the Invensys/Cognizant Agreement Means
Control ME, Nancy Bartels talks with Steve Young of Invensys and Charlie Kaprelian of Cognizant about what the implications of the new business agreement between these two companies for the companies and their customers.

There's A New Sheriff in Town. Should Manufacturers Be Scared?
The Obama administration has begun a number of new initiatives around energy sustainability that seem aimed directly at manufacturers. Walt Boyes talks with John Nesi and Angel Sustaeta of Rockwell Automation about the implication of these initiatives for process manufacturing operations.

What Is RISI and Why Is It Good for Industrial Security?
Walt Boyes, John Cusimano of Exida and Eric Cosman of Dow Chemical talk about the newly formed Security Incidents Organization and its database of cybersecurity incidents, the Repository of Industrial Security Incidents or RISI. Find out what this organization is and how it can help secure your operations.

Variable-Speed Drives Save Energy
Variable-speed drives aren't new technology, but are getting attention now in the process industries because of their potential to save energy. In this podcast, Control ME Nancy Bartels talks with Ivan Spronk of Schneider Electric about VSDs, how they work and how they can save energy in process operations.

Wireless Gets Easier Podcast
Most folks now believe wireless can work in their process applications, and veteran users are proving it. This month, Control and ARC Advisory Group's podcast series examines wireless in the plant. The podcast includes commentary and insights by Harry Forbes, ARC's senior automation analyst, and Wil Chin, ARC's research director for automation. They are interviewed by Jim Montague, Control's executive editor.

Saved by the Bell: A look at ISA's New Standard on Alarm Management
This podcast reviews the new process industry standard on alarm management (ISA-18.2) focusing on what it will mean to owner/operators and how it can be used to improve safety, decrease unplanned downtime, and increase operator productivity in a process plant.

Why Acquisitions Happen
Norm Gilsdorf, President of Honeywell Process Solutions talks to Walt Boyes about the strategic value and synergies he hopes will happen due to the acquisition of Regel Messtechnik by HPS. This podcast gives end users a unique "insider's look" at why acquisitions happen.

The Effects of Web 2.0 on Collaborative Engineering
Walt Boyes and ARC analyst Dick Slansky discuss the effects of Web 2.0 on collaborative engineering and product lifecycle management-- a fascinating discussion, especially for everyone over 30!

Podcast: Maximize Operation Performance
07/08/2009 is a process solutions resource that is aimed at helping industrial manufacturers succeed in this tough economic environment. It gives practical ways in which manufactures can sustain the life of their assets and maximize operational performance during the economic downturn. Download this podcast by Harsh Chitale, Vice President of Strategy and Global Marketing for Honeywell Process Solutions, to learn more about

PAT Is Not Just for Pharma – Podcast
PAT has shown huge promise yet Pharma has been slow to adopt. ARC's Paula Hollywood talks with Walt Boyes about the value and benefit the process industries have seen with PAT.

Value, Safety and Security of State–Based Control (THREE-PART PODCAST)
Walt Boyes talks with ABB's Dave Huffman about the value, safety and security of state-based control. Don't know what state-based control is? Then you should listen to this three part podcast and find out...

Practical Process Safety Podcast
Boom! Factories have been going boom and managers have lied to the CSB. Walt Boyes and ARC's Larry O'Brien discuss what appears to be a crisis in process functional safety in this month's Control/ARC Podcast edition.

Podcast with Jim Dillon of Brooks Instrument
Walt Boyes talks with Brooks Instrument product manager Jim Dillon about an industry first-- the first variable area flow meter with Foundation fieldbus technology for networking.

Podcast – Virtual Reality Simulation in the Process Industries
In the April edition of the Control/ARC Podcast series, Walt Boyes and ARC's Tom Fiske take a look at what was until only very recently science fiction, and has now become science fact-- the future of high fidelity virtual reality simulation in the process industries.

How Chemical Facilities' Anti–Terrorism Standards Impact Your Plant
The chemical facilities' anti-terrorism standards establish risk-based performance requirements and compel any facility manufacturing, housing or distributing specified chemicals to complete a screening assessment. The assessment must determine level of risk, identify security vulnerabilities and address these vulnerabilities. Listen in as Control editor Dan Hebert and Apprion vice president of marketing and customer services Stephen Lambright discuss this hot topic.

Operational and Business Readiness
Matt Willmott discusses the top business issues process manufacturers are facing today and how an integrated main automation contractor approach can help overcome those challenges and ensure a smooth transition from project into operations.

Rockwell's Pavilion and the Economic Melt–Down
Walt Boyes talks to Rockwell Automation Pavilion's marketing vice president, Don Hart about the economic melt-down, sustainable manufacturing, advanced process control, and how Pavilion is fitting into Rockwell Software.

Boyes Interviews Norm Gilsdorf, CEO of Honeywell Process Solutions
Control's editor in chief Walt Boyes interviews Norm Gilsdorf, CEO of Honeywell Process Solutions. In the interview, Boyes asks Gilsdorf what he saw as his biggest challenges coming into the top job, especially in light of the economic situation, and whether, since Gilsdorf lives in Europe, he'd be bringing a different viewpoint to Honeywell's management. Boyes also asks what Honeywell is doing to weather the economic storm, and what they are doing to help HPS customers. Listen to this podcast and find out everything Gilsdorf told Control in this exclusive interview.

Designing a Reliable Industrial Ethernet Network Podcast
Listen in as Bill Rowan, the vice president of marketing and new product development for industrial Ethernet hardware supplier N-Tron, shows you how to design a more reliable Ethernet system for your manufacturing facility. Topics covered include copper wire versus fiber optics, redundant power supplies and required switch specifications.

Enterprise Integration Podcast
Walt Boyes and ARC's Bob Mick discuss enterprise integration: how to do it, why to do it, and what the future will be for it. Mick provides insight into standards-based integration, and what the effect of the schism in the OPC ranks will be.

Discussing the Honeywell Experion LS System
Walt Boyes discusses the new Experion LS system with product manager Tim Sweet and talks about the difference between the new system and Honeywell's full dress Experion system, and how the new system will be marketed and sold.

Best Practices for Industrial Networking, Part 1
In "the Basics of Industrial Networking"-- a three part podcast-- Walt Boyes, Control's editor, talks with Paul Wacker, networking guru from Advantech Automation. This highly informative series of podcasts will give you the basics of modern digital networking for the industrial environment.

Best Practices for Industrial Networking, Part 2
In this Part 2 of "the Basics of Industrial Networking"-- a three part podcast-- Walt Boyes, Control's editor, talks with Paul Wacker, networking guru from Advantech Automation. This highly informative series of podcasts will give you the basics of modern digital networking for the industrial environment.

Best Practices for Industrial Networking, Part 3
In this Part 3 of "the Basics of Industrial Networking"-- a three part podcast-- Walt Boyes, Control's editor, talks with Paul Wacker, networking guru from Advantech Automation. This highly informative series of podcasts will give you the basics of modern digital networking for the industrial environment.

How Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards Impact Your Plant
The Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards establish risk-based performance requirements and compel any facility manufacturing, housing or distributing specified chemicals to complete a screening assessment. The assessment must determine level of risk, identify security vulnerabilities, and address these vulnerabilities. Listen in as Control editor Dan Hebert and Apprion vice president of marketing and customer services Stephen Lambright discuss this hot topic.

Technically Speaking Podcast: Analyzers
Listen to This Podcast. Why Can't Someone Make an Analyzer That Works as Well and as Reliably as a Pressure, a Temperature or a Flow Transmitter?

Technically Speaking Podcast: Calibration
Listen to This Podcast. Are the Gains of Moving from Paper-Based Procedures to an Automated Electronic Calibration System Worth the Effort?

How to Be a "Readers' Choice" Company
Control's Keith Larson and ARC's Larry O'Brien and Wil Chin discuss the ways companies can improve their rankings in our annual Readers' Choice poll and what end users want from those companies.

Podcast: Making Dumb Instruments Smart
Industrial plants contain millions of dumb instruments that cannot communicate to modern digital control and monitoring systems. Harry Sim, CEO of Cypress Envirosystems, claims that his company offers the lowest cost way to make these dumb instruments smart. Listen in as Control editor Dan Hebert grills Sim about just how and why his company's products connect dumb instruments to the digital world.

Podcast: Open I/O Systems
The once proprietary links between controllers and I/O are becoming ever more open - much to the benefit of process automation pros. Opto 22 was and is one of the pioneers of open I/O, and their Arun Sinha and Benson Hougland join Control's Dan Hebert for a freewheeling discussion. Topics covered include why open I/O is good, how it is becoming more widespread, and the remaining barriers to open systems.

2008 Top 50 Automation Vendors
As the economy crashes, process automation is poised to ride it out. Walt Boyes speaks with ARC Research Directors Larry O'Brien and Craig Resnick on the state of the process automation economy, and the Control/ARC Top 50 automation companies.

Podcast: Protecting Our Cyber Infrastructure
Cybersecurity is one of the pillars of protecting our critical infrastructure. It was profiled in one of the November Special Edition stories, and Bob Mick, ARC's vice president of enterprise systems joins Control's Walt Boyes to put cybersecurity in perspective — and offer agreement and disagreement with what the article said

Podcast from ISA 2008: Wireless Enable Your Old Gauges
Harry Sim left Honeywell for Cypress Envirosystems (a subsidiary of Cypress Semicon) two years ago because he had an idea that needed Silicon Valley innovation and technology. Now, with Honeywell's help, Sim's wireless gauge readers are giving new life and a digital flair to outmoded dial gauges—at Genentech and other pharma sites. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Senior Editor Paul Thomas spoke with Sim at the recent ISA 2008 show in Houston.

Searching for the One True Network
October's cover story in Control is the search for the One True Network, as chronicled by John Rezabek, our intrepid On The Bus columnist. Walt Boyes, Control's editor in chief talks to Larry O'Brien, research director for process automation for ARC Advisory Group about fieldbus in this month's edition of the Control/ARC Monthly Podcast Series.

Podcast with ARC on "Domino Theory"
Control contributing editor Rich Merritt conducts a wide-ranging interview with ARC Advisory Group principal analyst John Blanchard on a variety batch-related topics and trends. The interview is a follow-up to Merritt's "Domino Theory" cover article on batch processing in the September 2008 issue of Control. The two discuss the ISA88 standard's history, whether the word "batch" can be mentioned to continuous control users, how ISA88's documentation procedures can help users and where ISA88 and ISA95 may be headed in the future.

Technically Speaking: Analyzers
Dan Hebert Speaks on Analyzers. Moving Complex Measurements from the Lab to Online Analyzers

Technically Speaking: Energy Management
Dan Hebert Talks About the Hottest Current Topic in Process Plants, Reducing Energy Costs

Technically Speaking: Middleware
Dan Hebert Talks about How Being in the Middle of the Plant-Floor ERP Connection Is Hard To Do

Technically Speaking: System Integration and Engineering
Dan Hebert Talks about How System Integrators Morph into Engineering Firms

The Shocking Truth About Wireless - Podcast
ARC wireless expert Harry Forbes joins Editor in Chief Walt Boyes in a far-ranging discussion of wireless based on Control's August cover story.

Podcast: Not Playing Nice
Listen to Walt Boyes speak on the field-instruments portion of the ISA100 Wireless Standards.

How To Be A Contender
The Control/ARC podcast features ARC Vice President Dave Woll discussing what it takes to be a 21st-century automation professional, whether as a manager or as a team member.

Honeywell Voice of the Customer Goes Virtual
Honeywell's Peggy Hewitt talks with Control's Walt Boyes about, Honeywell's new extension of its voice of the customer into the digital realm. This isn't replacing the Customer Advisory Boards, but extending and amplifying them. Peggy Hewitt explains in this seven minute podcast.

Process Analytical Technology
In this edition of the monthly Control/ARC Podcast Series, Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, and Executive Editor, Jim Montague, speak to ARC's John Blanchard about market forces and technology trends affecting process analytical technology (PAT). Is it just the FDA, or are there real, valid reasons to use PAT?

TiPS on Alarm Management
Alarm management seems to be harder than it looks. Steve Apple, from TiPS, provides some simple, yet effective guidance to alarm management in this podcast interview with Control's Editor in Chief Walt Boyes.

Mynah's Berutti on Simulation and Training
Martin Berutti, of Mynah Technologies, spoke with Control's executive editor, Jim Montague, about how the current state of the simulation/training field and how it's likely to evolve in the future. They also covered what end users need to know to implement a simulation/training program for their process applications, and what should be on any to-do list to get a simulation/training project up and running.

Asish Ghosh on Process Safety
In This Edition of the Monthly Control/ARC Podcast Series, Walt Boyes and ARC's Asish Ghosh Talk About Process Safety and Why It Seems So Hard to Accomplish, Even After Years of Trying.

Workforce Development: Paul Mailhot of Autodesk
On April 18, Paul Mailhot of Autodesk, a company which is a huge supporter of automation and manufacturing workforce development, and an early supporter of FIRST Robotics, gave a live, special interview from the FIRST Robotics Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. Walt Boyes interviews Mailhot about how the Championships were going, about the workforce crisis in manufacturing and about the difference between talking about the problem and doing something about it.

Control/ARC Podcast: Tom Fiske
Faking It Can Be A Good Thing. Control Executive Editor Jim Montague and ARC Senior Analyst Tom Fiske talk about the benefits of using sophisticated simulation software for plant design, control system checkout and employee training. The right simulation software can save millions of dollars, ease plant start-ups, improve plant safety and help the next generation of process operators develop their skills. Fiske says that, among other things, simulation software is the teaching tool perfectly in tune with the learning habits of the iPod and Wii generation.

Enterprise Integration with ARC's Bob Mick
Control's Dan Hebert and Walt Boyes talk about enterprise integration with ARC's Bob Mick. This is a rocket-fast tour through the world of enterprise integration by a world-class expert from both the vendor and end-user side. Mick is passionate about what the value of integration can be and informative about the perils and pitfalls too.

A Willingness to Learn, Podcast
Listen to Jim Montague's March 2008 column, A Willingness to Learn

Just Because They Haven't, Doesn't Mean They Won't
At the SANS Conference in January, CIA Representative Tom Donahue Revealed that the Agency Had Documentary Evidence of Attacks on Utilities Outside the U.S. Of Course, If Systems Can Be Hacked Outside the U.S., the Same Systems Are Vulnerable Inside. And the Systems Are the Same.

Automation Minute Our Toilets Are Not for Customers!
End users now have much more power to improve or hurt a brand image, and many automation vendors are slow to realize what this means.

Automation Minute EAM - Is there a "there" there?
Managing editor Nancy Bartels talks about process manufacturers who are integrating EAM with SCADA or other control systems. They are taking advantage of factory floor data to optimize maintenance operations and support the transition to preventive and predictive maintenance models.

Automation Minute Industrial PC
Control's executive editor, Jim Montague, tries to answer some questions about the changing nature of industrial PCs and asks for readers to contribute their thoughts as well. Many industrial PCs no longer need the keyboard and screens of the past and can run in headless configurations on DIN rails, on boards and in chips. So how is it possible to define, write about and use them? Are the enclosure-based PCs of the past still useful? All these questions prompted a variety of answers.

Peter Terwiesch of ABB
Editor in Chief Walt Boyes, asks Peter Terwiesch, chief technology officer for ABB, how the foreseen recession could affect industries serving automation businesses, automation vendors, and automation end-users.

Professional Development with Dick Hill
We have candidates for the Hall of Fame, but for how long?

Automation Minute Top 10 and The Lost Companies
Editor in Chief Walt Boyes talks about the most popular articles of 2007 on, and why we built the Directory of Lost Companies wiki.

Automation Minute Tips for Identifying Counterfeits
To help users identify counterfeit devices, the alliance between U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American Council of Independent Labs (ACIL) has drafted several recommendations. These tips include looking for and inspecting certification marks, checking for inferior packaging and/or missing parts or product information, and only buying from suppliers who are well known to you.

Automation Minute Selling the Cool
Want kids to become automation engineers? Convince them the job is cool.

Automation Minute Walt Boyes interviews Dan North
North Predicts a Recession. What Would the Effects Be on the Economy, and on the Process Industries?

Automation Minute What About Wireless?

Automation Minute Back to the Basics: PC Based Control
Re-visiting the Basics of Automation

Automation Minute The New Web
Learn What Suggestions Bryan Singer has for Building a Reliable Ethernet Network

Automation Minute Why are There Fewer Engineers Every Year?
Walt Boyes Reports on Why There are Fewer Engineers Every Year

Automation Minute Upgrading Control Systems
Find Out Why People Upgrade Control Systems and What the are the Best Ways to Do a System Migration

Automation Minute The Readers' Choice - Why Companies do Well?
Walt Boyes, Paula Hollywood and Wil Chin Discuss Companies' Performances in the Readers' Choice Awards 2007

Automation Minute Top 50 Process Automation Companies
Walt Boyes and Larry O'Brien talk on 2007 Top 50 Process Automation Companies

Automation Minute The light at the end of the tunnel
More training is needed in manufacturing.

Automation Minute  Building Simple Automation Software
If we can design HMI software to work with Legos, we can surely design automation software that is simple, easy to use, and forms building blocks for control systems. Walt Boyes comments.

Automation Minute  Cybersecurity in Process Automation Systems
Editor in Chief Walt Boyes talks with Honeywell Fellow and industry expert Kevin Staggs about cybersecurity in process automation systems, and about benchmarking Honeywell products and software against the MU Security MUSIC suite of tests.

Automation Minute  Survey says use of OPC in process control applications is on the rise
In this Automation Minute videocast, CONTROL Executive Editor Jim Montague comments on a recent survey about the impact of object linking and embedding for process control. Listen and learn about OPC's present and future direction in the process industries.

Automation Minute  Why are automation professionals the Rodney Dangerfields of high tech?
In this Automation Minute videocast, CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes wonders why we as an industry don't get the respect we deserve. Afterall, we've been doing networking since before there was Ethernet and computers since before companies had IT departments.

Foundation fieldbus – Working today, preparing for tomorrow
This presentation, offered as an exclusive podcast for the Process Automation Media Network, explains how fieldbus is being used today in process automation applications, how it will be used in the future, and how the unique requirements of different projects are being met.

Yon on wireless
In this podcast for the Process Automation Media Network, Dr. Gene Yon, president of Adaptive Instruments at Accutech, provides his perspective on industrial wireless to CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes.

Automation Minute   SCADA: Big changes – From telemtery to data to infomation management
SCADA is changing rapidly, and the end users agree. In this Automation Minute videocast, CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes notes that the technology is in fact highly volatile, with many challenges and changes coming in the next few years.

Automation Minute   Why traditional automation marketing has to change
New to is Automation Minute. In this videocast, Control Editor in Chief Walt Boyes notes that suppliers who aren't thinking about new ways to work with their end users risk being steam rolled over by those that do. The Internet has given us the ability for this to happen, and what can happen usually does. 

Open is as Open Does: Upgrade and Migration for DCS the Foxboro Way
Betty Naylor-McDevitt has worked her way up through both the technical and engineering and sales and marketing tracks at Foxboro to become one of the recognized experts on DCS systems, and the Foxboro I/A Series system in particular. As Marketing Director for Foxboro, she shares her view of upgrading, migration, and open systems with Editor in Chief Walt Boyes.

Into the lion's den: Tata's interest in the U.S process automation market
Krishnakumar Nagarajan, head of plant automation solutions for the Engineering and Industrial Services practice of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), explains his company's interest in penetrating the process automation market in the United States.

Suppliers are from Mars, System Integrators are from Venus
National Instruments' Jack Barber talks with Editor in Chief Walt Boyes about NI's Alliance Partner Program, what it means for suppliers to work with system integrators, and how both can benefit from the relationship.

2006 AutomationXchange PAT Roundtable
Pfizer senior manager team leaders, Lou Pillai and Martin Warman, join the company's director of process and technology global sourcing, Jeff Miller, in a discussion on PAT with our editors.

Finesse introduces new bioreactor control OS
Walt Boyes talks with Larry West, executive vice president of California-based Finesse, LLC. Boyes and West discuss the introduction of TruBio, the first truly open configurable bioreactor control OS.

Process optimization in oilfield production
Pavilion's Matt Tormollen, and Halliburton's Richard Ella, join Editor in Chief Walt Boyes in a conversation about the development of a complete virtual reality simulation model for optimizing oil fields for production.

Talking MOLA with Thermo's David Faulkner
Walt Boyes revisits his old career at Texas Nuclear as he talks MOLA (moisture online analyzer) with David Faulkner, product manager with Thermo Electron Corp., the successor to the old Texas Nuclear. Faulkner is excited that the new MOLA for steel plant coke moisture detection and control is one of the first new products to come from Thermo since the consolidation of many of its small acquisitions.

National Instruments' LEGO podcast
NI's Ray Almgren and John Field talk about the company's partnership with LEGO that will include a built-in version of LabView in every Mindstorm robotics kit shipped this Christmas.

A discussion on wireless with David Kaufman
Walt Boyes talks wireless with Honeywell's David Kaufman, director of new business development for Honeywell's Industrial Measurement and Control Business Unit. Kaufman and Boyes discuss Honeywell's proposal for a product architecture, and a draft for the upcoming RFP from SP100.

Who's gonna fill those shoes?
Walt Boyes, editor in chief of CONTROL magazine, is passionate about what has to be done in order to make sure the next generation of process automation professionals is ready to provide institutional knowledge when we've retired. Boyes describes what companies currently are doing, and what companies and process automation professionals can do to help avert the upcoming demographic disaster.

Talking alarm management with Eddie Habibi
PAS founder and CEO Eddie Habibi discusses ways to improve your alarm management system. Habibi's newly released book fills a void in an area within the process industries that has been kept under wraps until now.

Interview with Transpara Inc.'s Michael Saucier
CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, interviews founder and CEO of Transpara Inc., Michael Saucier, on the company's first new product: a Visual KPI software application that delivers rich scorecard data and trends to mobile devices.

The ARC Benchmarking Consortium
CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, interviews ARC's John Wason and Dick Hill on the state of the Benchmarking Consortium after the first two quarters of data has been received.

Interview with AquaSensors' Bruce Bathurst
CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, interviews Bruce Bathurst about the company's unique and innovative series of all-digital, fieldbus-equipped wet chemistry parametric sensors.

ARC Benchmarking Consortium at Age 1
Hercules' Gary E. Lipson talks to CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, about his participation in ARC's Benchmarking Consortium in this "special to the web" podcast on

Emerson Solves Wireless Problems
Emerson's Director of Technology, Bob Karshnia, talks about his company's solutions for wireless, the standards work being done by SP100 and the HART wireless working group.

Interview with Elpro Technologies' Graham Moss
Elpro's general manager, Graham Moss, discusses the state of wireless in industrial environments, and expresses his opinions about SP100, Wireless HART, the usefulness of mesh networking in process plants, and why he thinks it won't work.

Intrerview with Matrikon's Mike Brown
CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, discusses the state of process optimization and real time process management with one of the people who invented the discipline, Process Optimization Guru Mike Brown.