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Selecting an automation security consultant
This "special to the web" article by Charles Landis notes that you may want to consider hiring an expert to design a process control security program that is in your best interest financially and operationally.
Assess your security vulnerability!
Selecting an automation security consultant
The role of SCADA in securing our critical infrastructure
Security technologies for manufacturing and control systems

Featured Topics
Cyber vulnerabilities in control systems
Industrial strength security
New funding for automation security research

Industry News
DOE teams with TECSys on infrastructure security
A network security forecast for 2005

Alarm control system can be viewed remotely
Distributed I/O provides IP20 protection
Smart instrumentation is not just a fluke
Wireless mesh network provides standards support

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Web seminar: Indutrial network security series, Part I: Cyber security risk assessment for automation systems

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Process Control Security Requirements Forum (PCSRF)

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Transcending the batch
Maurice Wilkins, Chairman of the World Batch Forum, focuses on batch management, automation and integration in this new "special to the web" monthly column for
Connectivity: Beaming it up to the enterprise
Beaming it up to the enterprise
Transcending the batch
Supervisory control and data acquisition

Featured Topics
OPC maximizes object-oriented systems
Unified architecture–The future of OPC

Industry News
HCF seeks nominations for Plant of the Year award
ZigBee Alliance finalizes specification toward a global interoperable standard

Real-Time platform supports Windows
USB devices offer portable data acquisition
Substation computing platform replaces office-grade PC's

Upcoming Events
Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly 2005

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Profibus International
Fieldbus Foundation
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Sounds corny, but biomass may save America
In this month's edition of Control Report, Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt recommends bringing your process plant and its jobs to the Midwest, where it's a lot better and safer than the Mideast.  
Blessings in tragedy—the lessons we need to learn
Bhopal +20, a hard lesson we’re still learning

Site Highlights
Simulation, the game we all can play! 
Technical overview of Ethernet control automation technology
Automation, instrumentation and controls industry books

Featured Topics
Sounds corny, but biomass may save America
The hard road to our competitive edge, Part II

Industry News
Process industries are beginning to act on security concerns

Motor drives "hunt" for success
Analysts say flowmeter sales are growing

Upcoming Events
SPS Electric Automation America Exhibition & Conference
Automation & Assembly Summit 2005

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