Industrial Networks

Navigating The Challenges Of Industrial Process Control Upgrades
Industrial Networks

Navigating the challenges of industrial process control upgrades

There’s no reason today’s fieldbus can’t last another 20 to 30 years, but we need our best suppliers to be on board with the end-users
Embrace Your Inner Skeptic
Industrial Networks

On the Bus: Embrace your inner skeptic

Should we be more concerned that we’re removing 'noise' from process control that might convey an insight on something that could avert a calamity?
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Industrial Networks

Familiarity with IIoT clarifies onsite vs. cloud debates

IIoT mini-series—Day 10—System integrator Hargrove Controls & Automation shows how to resolve virtualization and simulation, and on-premises and cloud-computing questions
Industrial Networks

More effective IIoT? Collaborate with people

IIoT mini-series—Day 9—System integrator Patti Engineering regularly consults with clients to optimize data gathering, aided by IIoT and Ignition Edge web-based SCADA software...
Industrial Networks

IIoT greases digitalization’s wheels

IIoT mini-series—Day 8—System integrator Huffman Engineering shows how to pick the right IIoT combination
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Industrial Networks

Single-pair Ethernet jacks, cords and cordsets

Lumberg Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connectivity products are designed to optimize Ethernet connection possibilities in harsh environments, including industrial and transportation...
207 Gelbox Family
Industrial Networks

Nine wire-splicing models protect against moisture

Gelboxes for 221 and 2773 wire-splicing connectors have nine models that offer IPX8 protection, and are a reliable alternative to conventional encapsulation solutions. They keep...
Pr Icotek Thread Extension Te Application
Industrial Networks

Thread extensions for cable glands and entry systems

TE metric thread extensions for cable glands and cable entry systems are secured on the back with a counter nut during assembly, and are used for insufficient thread lengths when...
Industrial Networks

Two-contact, magnetic connectors for quick disconnects

MP magnetic connectors from Multicomp Pro provide a two-contact connector that can be disconnected extremely quickly, or used in areas where accidental damage to connectors or...
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Industrial Networks

Inverse, modular and flexible cable-entry system

Inverse and modular KDSI-SR cable entry-system from the KDS series provide reliable sealing, flexibility and time-saving cable feed-through with and without plugs. The system ...
Industrial Networks

Identification system combines printing and application, cuts marking time up to 60%

Thermomark E automated identification system simplifies marking by combining printing and application into one step, which is reported to reduce marking time by up to 60%. This...