Talking MOLA with Thermo's David Faulkner

Walt Boyes revisits his old career at Texas Nuclear as he talks MOLA (moisture online analyzer) with David Faulkner, product manager with Thermo Electron Corp., the successor to the old Texas Nuclear.

     Moisture OnLine Analyzer

MOLA Model 7200A

David Faulkner, product manager for Thermo Electron, is excited that the new MOLA for steel plant coke moisture detection and control (see photo) is one of the first new products to come from Thermo since the consolidation of many of its small acquisitions. Thermo, a producer of analytical and process instrumentation, has introduced the MOLA Model 7200A, a state-of-the-art moisture on-line analyzer for the steel industry. 

Designed to improve the safety, operation and efficiency of a blast furnace, the MOLA Model 7200A is one of the industry’s most accurate, reliable and durable analyzers for the measurement of moisture in coke, as well as the easiest to install and operate. The MOLA Model 7200A, which replaces Thermo Electron’s highly successful Texas Nuclear MND, uses neutron backscatter pulse mode ion technology to non-intrusively measure the concentration of hydrogen material in a process vessel.

Podcast Length: 15:56.

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