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Bring That User Group Spirit Home with You

Wouldn't It Be Nice If You Could Visit Emerson Exchange and Confer With Your Fellow Attendees Whenever You Wanted?

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By Jim Montague, Executive Editor

There are countless chances to talk, trade ideas and learn from colleagues during Emerson Global Users Exchange, but it only happens for one week each year. And even if you're lucky enough to go and pack in a full schedule, you can still only attend a tiny fraction of all the cool and useful workshops, courses and exhibits.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could visit Emerson Exchange and confer with your fellow attendees whenever you wanted? Well, now you can by joining the physical event's new online community, Emerson Exchange 365, located at http://community.emersonexchange.org.

Emerson Exchange 365 was unveiled on the first day of this year's event by Social Media Director, Jim Cahill, and Online Marketing Manager, Mike Tongwarin, who presented added background on the new effort.

"Our vision is to cultivate and grow an online community that will be closely connected," says Cahill. "We want all members to have the same peer-to-peer status, so anyone will feel like they can connect with anyone and ask, ‘Hey, what about this?' or suggest ‘Have you tried this?' and then contribute whatever they can."

The template for Emerson Exchange 365 was developed by Tongwarin and the company's Micro Motion division, which launched its community in 2009. The site now has 1,700 members. He reports that the online community's primary benefits for its users include:

  • Delivering an everlasting communications channel for its members;
  • Providing a global reach to members, especially to those in developing countries;
  • Giving members access to instructional and educational videos;
  • Conveying advice and thoughts from industry leaders;
  • Trading tips, tricks, strategies and advice with other Emerson Exchange 365 members—just like at the physical show.

"Of course, face-to-face meetings at Emerson Exchange are still the best, but Emerson Exchange 365 will bring a taste of the event to the rest of the year and keep those bonds established until next year," added Cahill.