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Southern States Awarded for PlantWeb Excellence

11 Customers and Their Local Business Partners Selected as Winners of Best in Conference Awards

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By Jim Montague, Executive Editor

Lunch is good. Lunch with a little professional recognition from your peers is even better.

In another highlight of the 2011 Emerson Global Users Exchange this week in Nashville, 11 customers and their local business partners were selected as winners of Best in Conference Awards for workshop presentations, and another innovator was honored with the annual PlantWeb Excellence Award.

The prestigious PlantWeb Excellence Award went to Bryan Beyer, acid operations manager at Southern States Chemical, for his presentation "DeltaV Electronic Marshalling Delivers Engineering Cost and Scheduling Savings for Greenfield Chemical Plant." The company used Emerson’s CHARacterization Modules (CHARMs) to simplify and save wiring and labor at its new sulfuric acid and high-pressure steam plant in Wilmington, N.C. [For full coverage of Beyer’s presentation on Southern States’ project, visit Electronic Marshalling Slashes Costs for Sulfuric Acid Maker]

"The criteria for the PlantWeb Excellence Award are exceptional application of PlantWeb technologies; broad use of PlantWeb components and interconnections; digital-capable, intelligent devices; open communication standards, linking field intelligence, systems and applications in a plant-wide network; DeltaV or Ovation automation systems that make the most of PlantWeb's predictive intelligence; and consolidated, valuable asset information collected using AMS Suite technologies," said Steve Sonnenburg, president of Emerson Process Management, who presented the award to Beyer.

"Some of the business results Southern States achieved at its new plant included reducing wiring costs by 50% and reducing cable runs to the control room by 90%," Sonnenberg said. "I/O on Demand made it easy to make late project changes and still meet the start-up schedule, and they also installed a plant evacuation system with an 80% savings over conventional approaches."

The two other PlantWeb Excellence award finalists were EDF Energy, which presented "A Demonstration of the Principles Deployed for the EDF Energy West Burton Asset Management Solution," and Potash Corp., which presented "PotashCorp New Brunswick Division Relies on PlantWeb to Save Money and Deliver Faster Start-Ups."

Meanwhile, the Best in Conference Awards went to winners in each of the conferences 10 technical tracks. These included:

Asset Optimization
"Transition to Online AMS Reduces Maintenance Costs and Improves Operations" by David Rabon of Pfizer Inc. and Mike Ruhle of New England Controls.

Business Intelligence and Management
"Calibration Excellence: Intelligent Application of Smart Technology is Just the Medicine for Improving Business Results at GSK" by Don Brady of GlaxoSmithKline and Richard Barnes of Emerson Process Management.

Control System Modernization
"One-Day Version 10.3 Upgrade—How a Large Biotech Plant’s DeltaV Systems Were Successfully Upgraded in One Day" by Auguste Dionne and Dan DiMatteo, both of Amgen, and David Maglaya of New England Controls.

DeltaV and Ovation System Applications
"State of the Art Automation at Asphalt Loading/Blending Terminal" by Joe Shotwell of Asphalt Operating Services and M.C. Chow, Greg Juchniewicz and Hasit Patel, all of Novaspect

Instrumentation Applications (tie)
"Optimizing and Standardizing Your Plant Floor Machines with Flow Measurement of Your Inputs" by Scott Daniel of Pregis and Todd Fortman of Emerson Flow.

"LNG Dispensing Made Simple Using Micro Motion" by Kegan Kavander of Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives and Nicole Rundlett of Micro Motion.

Process Optimization
"APC Reduces Energy and Lowers Carbon Footprint at Firestone Polymers’ Beaumont Facility" by Nikky Brown of Firestone Polymers LLC and James Beall of Emerson Process Management.

Project Management and Engineering Tools
"Project Management Successes with Global Teams Workshop" by Glenn Gregg of Emerson Process Management.

Safety Instrumented Systems
"Elements of a Successful Burner Management Project" by Kirk Adams of BP and David Sheppard of Emerson Process Management

Valve Applications
"Union Gas Utilizes Fisher ODV Package for Anti-Surge" by Tom Grochmal of Union Gas (Spectra Energy) and Tom Brandau of Emerson Process Management.

Wireless Applications
"When the Heat is On: Control with Wireless" by Roy Gueldenzoph of Rosemount Measurement and Mike Pearson of Rosemount.