Getting the Most Out of PID

Exploring Many of the Overlooked Applications of That Old Standby, PID

PID is basic to process control, but like many other work horses, it gets overlooked in the rush to the new. In this 4-part series, Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner spend time with Mark Congiundi, engineering associate in process control at Sasol (www.sasol), exploring many of the overlooked applications of that old standby.

35 Years of PID Innovations

The Best Tuning of a PID Controller Is Knowledge of the Process Dynamics

More Extraordinary PID Innovations

The Creative Use of PID Controllers for Process Improvement

More Fun with PID Controllers

Exploring Just How Flexible and Powerful the PID Controller Can Be

PID World Tour--The Final Performance

Read the Conclusion of McMillan, Weiner and Congiundi's Tour of PID World