Web "Portal" is "Porthole" Misspelled

To Surf the Web You Don't Have to Be an Expert, but Finding What You Want Sometimes Is Difficult

Walt BoyesBy Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief

The problem with websites, as I think I've noted before, is that they're flat. In order to find what you need you have to use their search capabilities or drill down from a menu on the home page. This is great if you're looking at a simple site, with maybe a few products or technical papers. It's not so great when you're trying to find all the relevant things you need to know on a site like ours. www.ControlGlobal.com has over 1000 white papers and vendor application notes, and nearly eight years of award-winning stories and articles from the pages of Control. There are articles that were posted as Web Exclusives because we didn't have room to put them in the print magazine.

So how do you find all this stuff? I know it's like looking into a little bitty porthole, and trying to find out what's in the hold of the ship. Well, we continue to improve our onsite search engine. And, we also take this opportunity to serve up a few favorite things.

Unique Content

A few years ago, Béla Lipták put together an e-book on distillation system design and control. We've re-issued it, and you can download it at www.controlglobal.com/wp_downloads/110906-ue-distillation-book.html

There's more unique content on ControlGlobal.com, including the Directory of Lost Companies wiki, which you can help maintain, grow and edit yourself. We also have an unencrypted PDF of the magazine, as well as a Flash app for online reading. We deliberately don't encrypt the PDF, so you can "tear out a page," and send it to a colleague or put it in your "to read later" file.

In case you missed them, here's more of the contents of our website:

Also, find us on our YouTube Channel and follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@controlglobal) and LinkedIn.  We want to give you all the information you need in as many ways as you ask us to provide it.