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Reader Feedback: Basic PID and Control Issues

Voices From the ControlGlobal Community...Our Readers Talk About PID

Our Control Talk blogger and Process Automation Hall of Fame member, Greg McMillan, has been running a series of blog posts on basic PID and control issues. About "Processes with No Steady State in PID Time Frame Tips—Part 1," a reader said:

I Like This Concept of PID

I like this concept of PID because it makes its decisions based on the current and last scan.


About "Basics of PID Control Modes Tips," two readers stated:

PID Means What?

At first, I really tried to understand what "PID" means, and after net browsing, I found out it stands for proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller, which is a generic, control-loop, feedback mechanism (controller). Wow. What a term! Sorry, but I'm not really a technician or a mechanic, and I had to search it for real.


I Was Not Aware

I was not aware of some of these advantages and disadvantages of the PID controller. This is of great help to me as I am a research student.