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As Your Senior Digital Editor, Katherine Bonfante Knows this Website Inside and Out. Here Are Some Secret Passages to Getting to the Hidden Corners of this Site

By Katherine Bonfante

Don't you love that feeling when you put your hands in your pockets, and to your surprise you find dollar bills tucked away that you didn't know you had? Well, this month's column aims to give you that feeling about

As your senior digital editor, I know this website inside and out. I know the secret passages to getting our premium content and the hidden corners of the process automation web where lots of hidden automation files await you.

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If you enjoy reading the Sunday newspaper because of its extensive cartoons section, know that offers you a comics section of our own. We call it "Out of Control Cartoons." Visit, and get access the light side of the trials and tribulations of life as a process engineer as sketched by Control's resident cartoonist Ted Williams.

When it comes to blogs, our site not only has five blogs—SoundOff!, Unfettered, Control Talk Blog, Manufacturing 2020 and The Great Kandusky—but we also list other blogs that we love to follow.

Visit any of our in-house blogs and see our Blog Roll list on the right-hand column. There we give you links to other blogs such as ABB's Process Automation Insights blog, Charlie Fialkowski's Burner Management blog, Jim Cahill's blog, Modeling and Control blog and S88 Builder Construction blog among others.

I hope you enjoy discovering these not-so-hidden treasures on our site, and browse some more to uncover many more.