Reader Feedback: Consider These for The Top 50 Automation Companies

Readers Asks Us to Consider Balluff, Sick (Optical Sensing Products) for Our Top 50 Automation Companies

By Tom Knauer

I've been following your list for several years. It's always an excellent summary.  One company to consider is Sick (optical sensing products). Its annual report indicates it did about €900 million last year.

Tom Knauer

While I was studying your report about biggest companies in automation market I couldn't find some "big players," for example, Sick or Balluff. In 2011, Sick had about €902 of income. How do you get companies to your report?

Piotr Buryło

[Editor's Note: Our Top 50 list is always a work in progress. Companies are added or subtracted as their fortunes change. We always welcome recommendations about companies we may have missed. For a complete explanation of the criteria we use for inclusion, go to p. 38 of the December 2012 issue, or go to Top 50 Automation Companies. How Do We Do It?.]