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Adam-4022T dual-loop PID controller ACCURATE DUAL-LOOP PID CONTROLLER
Adam-4022T dual-loop PID controller is a serial-based controller with an accuracy of ±0.15%. It’s an ideal controller for temperature and other process variables in heating and cooling applications and in environmental testing. In addition, it can be installed on a standard DIN rail inside a cabinet, and it can withstand ambient temperatures up to 60 °C.

UDC3200 universal controllerUNVERSAL CONTROLLER
The UDC3200 universal controller is capable of 0.2% accuracy, and includes a fast scanning rate of 166 ms. This ¼-DIN controller can be programmed using a pocket PC, and can be used in wash-down applications. Universal spare parts make it easy to maintain, while on-board diagnostics and plug-in circuit boards simplify troubleshooting and repair.
Honeywell Process Solutions

Russelectric on-site, power control systemsAUTOMATIC OR MANUAL POWER
Russelectric on-site, power control systems are equipped with dual PLC controls for automatic generator set starting and stopping, status and alarm annunciation, synchronizing and priority-load control. If both PLCs were to fail, a manual control allows personnel to synchronize and parallel the generators onto the bus, and add and shed loads. They are UL-listed and meet ANSI, IEEE and NEMA standards.
Russelectric Inc.

ST-72 controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to 64 channels and I/O. It uses a simple, menu-driven setup, is wireless-capable, and displays data on its color LCD. It has four RS-485 serial ports for simultaneous Modbus master/slave operations and multiple masters, five standard SPDT alarm relays and four independent alarm levels per channel.
RC Systems

RA33 batch controllerCONTROL BY THE BATCH
RA33 batch controller senses and dispenses liquids into containers or process vessels in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and other process applications. It monitors flow, temperature and density; controls valves and pumps; and dispenses programmed recipe amounts. It works with a single valve and pump in automatic or manual mode, or with two valves for two-stage batching.

Solo 24-VDC-powered process/temperature controllersGOING SOLO
Solo 24-VDC-powered process/temperature controllers are available in four standard DIN sizes. These single-loop units are equipped with a dual four-digit, seven-segment display, and offer dual output control and a built-in auto-tune function. Flexible control modes include PID, ramp/soak, on/off and manual operation. Free configuration and monitoring software is available.
Automation Direct