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Emerson Process Management Convenes Process Automation Pros

More Than 1,200 Process Automation Professionals From 44 Countries Gathered in April

By Control Global News

More than 1,200 process automation professionals from 44 countries gathered April 1, 2014, in Stuttgart,
Germany. There they were welcomed by Roel Van Doren, president of Emerson Process Management in Europe, to the company’s second Global Users Exchange to be held on European soil.

"The European economy is coming out of crisis; global demand for energy continues to climb; safer, more reliable, more efficient operations are still a priority,” Van Doren said as he set the tone for three full days of conversation and networking to follow, including user presentations, technology roadmaps and industry forums— even a visit to the nearby Porsche museum. "We’re focused on innovation that makes a difference for our customers.”

Van Doren reiterated Emerson’s commitment to connect with its customers, innovate on technology, support products over their entire lifecycle and execute projects perfectly. He admitted that Emerson is known for great people and great products, but that the company could be easier to do business with. He compared the Emerson organization’s efforts to improve its customers’ operations to those of a Formula 1 car’s pit crew to improve its driver’s race performance: "We know that to make your operations better, we have to make ours better as well,” Van Doren said.

During the event’s press conference, Emerson executives highlighted two key company offerings designed to help process manufacturers address their most pressing operational imperatives of improved efficiency, safety and reliability despite projected shortfalls of experienced workers. These include the promulgation of "pervasive” sensor networks designed to wirelessly gather business-critical intelligence and integrated operations (iOps) centers that leverage communication and collaboration technologies to streamline informed business decision-making.