Reader Feedback: Lose the Manual

Our Readers Back Up Our Claim That Manuals Should Be Tossed

As always, I enjoyed reading your article in Control, "Pitch the Manual," (Control, September 2014).

Of course, this is how we've moved. Strangely, I still like to read the hard copy of my Wall Street Journal. Perhaps it's the feel of the paper? Or the nostalgic warm feeling that comes with the setting, sipping warm coffee and pondering the world? Or perhaps it's the fact that I spend most of my day in an electronic world and associate that with work?

No matter what it is, in another related area I'm not old fashioned. Yes, "Pitch the manual," but way further than where you suggest. We all download apps for that on our smart phones. Free. Sweet. And if we can't figure them out in five minutes, they get deleted because there is another app-for-that.

No PDF. No F1. Just intinuity. (Google that one.)

Thanks for the wake-up articles. Keep them coming. 

Duncan Schleiss
Emerson Process ManagemenT

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