Pepperl+Fuchs' FieldConnex FieldBarrier Brings Diagnostics to Field

The FieldBarrier Is the First to Allow Monitoring of the Physical Layer at Each Output

By Fieldbus Foundation

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center

Intelligent fieldbus from Pepperl+Fuchs is synonymous with a generation of components that brings diagnostic capabilities into the field. The new FieldConnex® FieldBarrier is the perfect addition to this concept of uncompromising availability and maximum reliability.

The FieldBarrier is the first to allow monitoring of the physical layer at each output. This enables gradual changes in the installation and faults in the control room to be reported. This monitoring function ensures an even higher degree of transparency and covers a significant gap in the monitoring process as it proactively identifies maintenance requirements. Another feature is the sophisticated load management. The 12 outputs start sequentially, reducing the load on the power supply from the inrush current. What's more, if the segment current reaches critical levels, automatic load-shedding of less critical nodes is activated in order to safeguard against failure of the entire segment.

This package of integrated intelligence is completed by the FieldBarrier self-monitoring function, which can transmit alarm signals to the control room. The FieldConnex FieldBarrier is the perfect addition to diagnostics-enabled intelligent fieldbus and is another key step toward achieving the goal of 100% availability.

For more information, please visit the Pepperl+Fuch website.