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Learn to nurture innovation in mixed gender teams

Different types of people and different leadership skills are needed to ensure that good ideas are nurtured to fruition

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In a business context, successful innovation typically happens in three stages: "think it, try it, then sell it," says Gail Golden, innovation consultant and guest speaker at Tuesday's "Women in Innovation" luncheon this week during Emerson Exchange.

At each of these stages, different types of people and different leadership skills are needed to ensure that good ideas—wherever they arise from within the organization—are nurtured to fruition. Gender diversity, in particular, can play an important role in successful innovation if one understands and can leverage the unique skills that women and men bring to the table at each step along the way. Golden, a psychologist who consults with senior leaders of many Fortune 1000 companies and organizations on the human side of effective strategy, will share insights gleaned from her 25 years of experience in boosting team engagement and effectiveness.

Invitees include all Emerson Exchange attendees—female professionals and managers, as well as men who work with them. The luncheon will be held on Tuesday from 12:00 to 1:00 pm in Hall D off the second floor lobby. So that organizers can ensure that enough tables and food are available, please indicate your intent to attend through the Exchange app or online tool. But if the mood strikes, please feel free to just show up, too.

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