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Developer workshops prepare product teams for innovative solutions

If you are developing a product or tool, it is important to receive training from recognized domain knowledge experts

By FieldComm Group

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When it comes to developing process control systems or instrumentation employing FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, HART®, Field Device Integration (FDI®) or Electronic Device Description (EDD) technologies, some companies choose to "go it alone." But without accurate and in-depth training of key design personnel, they risk the outcome of their product introduction.

Automation vendors supplying intelligent products, including devices, systems and applications, can realize significant benefits from attending a FieldComm Group Developer Workshop. According to Sean Vincent, Director Technical Services, training is offered at multiple levels for professionals ranging from sales & marketing personnel seeking basic knowledge of a particular technology, to development engineers, hardware designers and others requiring a "deep dive" to assist with new product development.

"FieldComm Group serves as the caretaker for the leading intelligent field communication protocols and integration standards in the automation industry. If you are developing a product or tool in compliance with one of these technologies, it is important to receive instruction from recognized domain knowledge experts," said Vincent.

Developer Workshops are held at FieldComm Group headquarters in Austin, Texas, USA, as well as at a certified third-party site in Düsseldorf, Germany. Training can also be conducted at a company's facility if required. Participants attend lectures and have an opportunity for hands-on exposure to final products. In fact, developers are able to work on their specific product development during the training course.

A choice of developer training is available: Introduction to HART Protocol (2 days), HART Fundamentals and QA Testing (4 days), Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus (1 day), Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus (3 days), and Device Integration-Writing EDD and FDI Packages (4 days).

In many cases, companies taking part in the workshops are able to optimize their product offering based on the instruction they receive, and avoid design errors leading to poor performance and customer issues.

"FieldComm Group makes every effort to tailor workshop content to an attendee's specific objectives, or the type of product under development, to help them succeed," said Vincent. "We offer insights so they can understand the nuances of the technology in a way that may not be possible by just reading the specification."

He added, "Our workshops also have value for seasoned developers in need of a fresh, outside perspective, or those wanting to learn about our new tool for FDI – the integration standard that the entire industry will be transitioning to in the coming years.

"By participating in our training, developers utilizing FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART, FDI or EDD get answers to their questions much faster, prepare their design team much better, and develop an understanding of what's needed to build a superior product."

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The Developer Workshop schedule for 2016 is as follows:

Spring 2016 – Austin, Texas, USA

HART Introduction: March 21-22
HART Fundamentals: March 21-24
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Introduction: March 29
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Advanced Principles: March 30-April 1
Device Integration – Writing EDD and FDI Device Package Workshop: April 4-7

Spring 2016 – Düsseldorf, Germany

Device Integration – Writing EDD and FDI Device Package Workshop: April 25-28
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Introduction: June 14
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Advanced Principles: June 15-17
HART Introduction: June 20-21
HART Fundamentals: June 20-23

Fall 2016 – Austin, Texas, USA

HART Introduction: Oct. 3-4
HART Fundamentals: Oct. 3-6
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Introduction: Oct. 11
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Advanced Principles: Oct. 12-14
Device Integration – Writing EDD and FDI Device Package Workshop: Dec. 5-9

Fall 2016 – Düsseldorf, Germany

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Introduction: Sept. 6
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Advanced Principles: Sept. 7-9
Device Integration – Writing EDD and FDI Device Package Workshop: Sept. 12-15
HART Introduction: Nov. 7-8
HART Fundamentals: Nov. 7-10

For more information, visit the Training Workshop page on the FieldComm Group website.


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