First 2018 Webinar Covers Field Communications and NAMUR Open Architecture

Attendees learned how emerging high-speed protocols and standards require a leadership-driven culture change

By FieldComm Insider

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Webinar Icon 250 compressorIn the era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0, device and system integration will be paramount to seamless operation. FieldComm Group’s first webinar of its 2018 Webinar Series reviewed its ongoing collaboration with the NAMUR organization to advance open information integration and enterprise data exchange. Webinar attendees learned how emerging high-speed protocols and standards require a leadership-driven culture change.

Presented on Tuesday, May 22, the initial webinar featured Ted Masters, president and CEO, FieldComm Group; and Alex Kaiser, head of product management and marketing, CodeWrights. Their discussion centered on new high-speed field communication, NAMUR Open Architecture and what role they play in IIoT and the 4th industrial revolution in the process industries.

Specific webinar topics included:

  • FDI integration technology and what it means to suppliers and end users
  • NAMUR Open Architecture and its implications for IIoT
  • FDI and OPC UA enabling device data flow to the cloud
  • Advanced Physical Layer and Time Sensitive Networks (TSN)

The webinar is available on demand for further viewing on the FieldComm Group website.

For more information and registration, please visit the Webinar Registration Page on the FieldComm Group website.

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