New Product Registry and Online Repository Launched

Registry and Repository provide a unified tool to obtain the latest device files and offers online access to APIs

By FieldComm Group

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Product Registry Image 300 compressorFieldComm Group has launched a new Product Registry and online Repository providing an enhanced user experience for those seeking information about HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus registered products and development resources.

The new Product Registry and its online Repository are designed to bring the two prior standalone HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus product registries into the 21st century by providing a unified tool to obtain the latest device files while also offering online access to APIs that host system manufacturers can tap into to enable built-in, real-time access to the latest versions of Electronic Device Descriptions (EDDs) and FDI Device Packages for field devices.

The release of these two systems is a major benefit to the industrial automation community, as FieldComm Group continues to simplify the experience users have with industrial standards and their integration across systems and enterprises. It also marks another milestone in the industry’s transition to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0.

Located at, the Product Registry includes:

  • Modern look and functionality
  • Text search capabilities
  • Advanced filtering by application and FDI
  • Mobile-friendly functionality
  • Unified registry for FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and FDI
  • Full device versioning support in EDD downloads (all registered versions provided in a single download)

The Repository provides:

  • Cloud-based solution with REST APIs
  • Single source for registered EDDs and FDI Device Packages irrespective of vendors and protocols
  • Ability to update hosts and handhelds automatically or by manual trigger through the cloud
  • Streamlined device revision management 
  • Push notifications for available updates 

The new Product Registry offers increased search functionality that allows for various sorting and filtering capabilities to more efficiently and effectively find or research devices and systems. For example, automation tool suppliers can automatically query the online catalog and download key resources. Visitors can search and download EDDs and FDI Device Packages, as well as view information on registered devices and find additional details.

In the near term, host system suppliers will begin implementing the new capability in their product offerings to access the online Product Repository to provide instant access to Device Packages and EDDs on demand or on a scheduled interval.

For more information, please visit the FieldComm Group website.

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