FCI Offers Industry’s Broadest Selection of Thermal Flow Meters with HART

FCI thermal mass flow meters with HART represent the next generation in thermal mass flow meter design

By FieldComm Group

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FCI Product News compressorFluid Components International (FCI) now offers the industry’s widest selection of Thermal Mass Flow Meters available with the HART®.

FCI’s ST51, ST75, ST98, ST100 and MT100 Thermal Mass Flow Meter families, including 12 models, are all available with the HART Communication Protocol to provide a range of solutions for air or gas flow measurement in HART-based process and plant applications. They represent the next generation in thermal mass flow meter design, with highly accurate and repeatable, all-welded, equal-mass flow sensors.

FCI’s thermal mass flow meters are compatible with any gas or mixed composition gases in pipe diameters from ¼ inch (6mm) to the largest of stacks. From air to biogas, flue gases and flare gases, FCI meters provide superior accuracy, repeatability and reliability throughout the world.

FCI thermal mass flow meters feature best-in-class design and performance. Superior accuracy, temperature compensation, application optimized sensor choices, rugged NEMA/IP rated enclosures in both aluminum and stainless steel, global agency approvals for EX installations, AC or DC powering, in-situ calibration verifications and more, are all part of the FCI thermal flow meter solutions.

For more information, please visit the FCI website.

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