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Siemens: Stranded Field Data Can Only be Rescued by Harmonized Information Models

By FieldComm Group

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Siemens Logo articleIn the light of the digital transformation, process intelligence has been extended from the process automation layer to the field level. This has sparked the motivation to opt for more openness and homogeneity when it comes to information models that help to retrieve the valuable process data from the field level and make them available to the IT world. One of the concepts is the NAMUR Open Architecture, aiming to create synergies between OT and IT world by truly open, interoperable and scalable solutions for the process industry.

Today, roughly 90% of all data generated in the field are classified as stranded data because they cannot be accessed by core process control applications. To realize innovative monitoring and optimization applications, however, these data need to be accessible – without having to interfere with the core process control. Protocols such as OPC UA provide extensible information models that can be individually tailored as well as the needed security for the data transfer. The success of the NOA concept is hence highly dependent on a joint approach by all device manufacturers to agree on a common data model to unearth the treasures hidden in the field.

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