Top 10 articles from February 2019

From cybersecurity to acquisition news, these were the Top 10 articles on during the month of February 2019

1. A Grim Gap: Cybersecurity of Level 1 Field Devices and lack of appropriate OT Expertise
In this Unfettered blog post, Joe Weiss responds to an article in Power magazine, entitled "A Grim Gap: Cybersecurity of Level 1 Field Devices." Read more. 

2. How to balance wireless sensor update rate and battery life
Though the majority of instrument and controls engineers have an electrical background, we need to remember that we are installing sensors, control elements and systems to control and manage the process. Read more.

3. 2019 Readers' Choice Awards
No one automation professional is an expert in every category of process control hardware, software and systems necessary to support today's plant. Where do you look to find a new source for a less familiar need in your facility? Why not try 2019 Readers' Choice Awards? Read more.

4. The Aurora vulnerability is still being shunned by the electric industry - where is the education
The Aurora vulnerability is a well-known, protective relay and grid synchronization issue. What's new with Aurora is the use of remote connectivity to open and reclose the breakers. Read more.

5. Living with legacy systems
There’s a knack to sourcing used and obsolete automation components for process control. There is infrastructure in place to ensure discontinued parts for process control automation aren’t completely eradicated. Read more.

6. Controlling the Panama Canal
To show that control theory and process analysis principles could be applicable to all processes, Bela Liptak uses the example of the process of shipping through the Panama Canal. Read more.

7. Missed Opportunities in Process Control - Part 2
Greg McMillan provides the second part of his point blank decisive, comprehensive list of what we really need to know in a detailed attempt to reduce the disparity between theory and practice. Read more.

8. Empathy aids HMI design
The goal of any human-machine interface (HMI) should be to make tasks efficient and user friendly. Consequently, HMI designs that include end users and operators have a higher probability of success and can reduce these frustrations. Read more.

9. Can smart differential pressure cells be used for custody transfer?
Readers ask if smart differential pressure cells can be used for custody transfer and if an LPG fractionation process can be remotely controlled. Read more.

10. Pepperl+Fuchs acquires Comtrol Corp.
Pepperl+Fuchs announced that it will acquire the business of Comtrol Corp. effective Feb. 1. Comptrol will join the Factory Automation Division of Pepperl+Fuchs and will be known as Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol Inc. Read more.

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