A lovely thought to take into the weekend with you....not.

Maybe this should be a candidate for Letterman's "stupid people tricks" but in fact, it is not only true, but very sad. Over on Joe Weiss' blog Unfettered, he posted yesterday about home thermostats that are designed and mandated by law in California to be communicating over the Internet to the power company servicing the house. I have to say that if I was worried before, now I'm frankly terrified.  As Jake Brodsky said in a comment on the post, "I can see it now: Some idiot builds a botnet of computers that can detect and take control of these thermostats. Then he ransoms the electric grid operators for huge sums of cash to avoid getting hacked and taken down by a massively parallel attack." The botnets already exist. The home automation tools already exist. Have a lovely weekend.