ABB Automation & Power World 2012 - Day 1 #ABBAPWorld

If you didn't cath last night's show news, here you go again (access the newsletter directly).

ABB Sees Growth Through Megatrends, Disruptive Technologies
Despite the series of "unprecedented events" over the past year, players in the industrial automation and electric power industries should be able to look forward to a robust business climate for 2012 and beyond, according to Enrique Santacana, region manager, ABB North America.

People Issues, Policy Uncertainties Headline Power Industry Concerns
When asked what business worries keep them up at night, a panel of power industry executives at ABB Automation & Power World responded with a range of predictable concerns. All agreed, however, that what you were worried about didn't matter as much as what you did about it.

North America Anchors ABB Global Strategy
Just as it's hard to see the forest because of all the trees, sometimes it's hard to see individual countries and markets because of that big, blue globe. This worldwide perspective may cause some folks to forget what are still among the planet's biggest industrial and manufacturing players.

Unprotected Control Systems Are Easy Pickings
Wielding a relatively simple piece of code, Jonathon Pollet reached through cyber space into an industrial plant and disabled its emergency shutdown system and changed the states of individual tags at will. Fortunately, the plant in question was hypothetical, but the all-too-real demonstration drove home for attendees of ABB Automation & Power World 2012...

Economist Predicts Steady Growth, but on a Rough Road
Warning: If you want to feel good about the economy, don't get your information from Don Leavens, and don't continue reading this report. But for a bit of moderate optimism couched in warning signs that could spell trouble if we're not careful, read on. Leavens expressed considerable concern about the economy going forward in the United States and around most of the globe.

Don't Leave Energy Project ROIs on a Shelf
For every 10 industrial energy assessments, maybe one company actually does a recommended project and carries it through until its results improve the bottom line. "The rest never get anywhere," says Cahal Devlin, ABB's energy efficiency manager for North America. Devlin's presentation began by pointing out that we all know U.S. and global energy demand is rising.

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