An important announcement from WBF and OMAC

The WBF Working Group Committee would like your help to advance automation across industries, yourcareer, and your company! The Committee sponsors work groups that will develop a deliverable to further the advancement of the automation profession and the industries it serves. A key component for creating a successful work group is leadership and commitment. GE Fanuc has stepped forward to offer its leadership and personal effort in determining high-interest topics relating to the automation community that could be developed into working groups. The first step is to identify an area of interest and then develop the deliverable and charter. Current areas of consideration are: - Make2Pack Standards - Security, Safety, and Quality - Materials Tracking - Wireless and RFID - Campaign Management - Record Tracking, Tab Recipe Editor - Common Industrial Interface Model for Application to Application Data Exchange using ISA95 If you are interested in one of these areas, or would like to suggest other areas, please contact Dave Chappell, WBF Working Group Committee Chairman at and he will pass your information on to GE Fanuc. The WBF Working Group Committee would like to thank you for your participation in this important work for automation.