And in Other News -- No Shortage for Stealth Computer

We're focused pretty tightly on Automation Fair this week, but there is a whole world outside of McCormick Place, Chicago. This just popped up in our email box. The headline begins "Stealth Computer Ensures On-Time Delivery Performance" Here's the complete release.

Stealth Computer Ensures On-Time Delivery Performance of Its Products in Spite of the Worldwide Hard Disk Drive Shortages
TORONTO, CANADA/SAN JOSE, CALIF. - Inc. (Stealth Computer), an ISO 9001 manufacturer of industrial rugged computers and peripherals, has ensured there will be no interruption in the delivery of its computer-based products.

The recent flooding crisis in Thailand has had a significant impact on production capacity of hard disk drives to the world market. Many computer manufacturers around the world are struggling with shortages and being hit with drastic price increases. Unfortunately, it is unknown when the hard drive industry will recover to its full production capacity. Some industry experts have commented that shortages could extend into the second half of 2012.

"Many of our customers have expressed concerns with regards to the hard drive shortages and how it may affect our business relationships," stated Stealth CEO, Ed Boutilier. "Stealth is not experiencing any interruption in the delivery of our standard computer products at this time. We are going to do everything we can to protect our customers, and we are not increasing the cost to any of our base products."

Stealth is working closely with its valued suppliers to determine potential disruptions to its supply chain and will keep customers informed of new information. Significant product inventory has been secured to ensure customers deliveries will be met without delays. Stealth Computer remains extremely optimistic that the impact on its customer deliveries will be minimal or non-existent.