And now for the very small: ISSYS gets new MEMS patent for flow sensor #pauto #automation #mfg

From the press release:

ISSYS, Inc. Awarded New Patent That Enables Microfluidic Sensors to be used with Large Diameter Pipes and High Flow Rates.

 YPSILANTI, MI--(July 12, 2011) - Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISSYS) announced that the U.S. Patent Office has granted it a utility patent (US 7 823,445) “System and Method of Assessing a Property of a Flowing Fluid.”

According to Doug Sparks, Executive VP of ISSYS, “Finding a way for microfluidic chips to be used in existing applications involving high flow rates and large pipe diameters is a challenge.  This new patent describes a new method of mounting and packaging of ISSYS’ sensors that are integrated with large ducts and piping networks.  These sensor chips are used by ISSYS to measure mass flow rate, volumetric flow rates, density and chemical concentration.  They have been applied to testing liquid and gases in fuels, chemical processing as well as smaller fluid lines used in drug infusion systems and fuel cells. This patent is complemented by the other patents owned by ISSYS in the area of flow sensors and MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) devices.

Dr. Nader Najafi, ISSYS President and CEO, stated that, "The new patent and associated technology offers improved fluidic sensor and system designs and performance for industrial and fuel related custody transfer applications. This reinforces the other ISSYS' patents on the design, packaging, fabrication, and application of MEMS-based sensors, giving ISSYS comprehensive IP protection and offering a competitive barrier to market entry."