Another Geek Pride Day!

TUESDAY MARCH 14 (03.14) IS PI DAY -- When Math Geeks, Students & Quants Can Have Their Pi and Eat It Too

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 13, 2006--It's Pi Day because the date is 3/14 -- the first three digits of Pi. It's celebrated across the United States by Math nerds, students, teachers and professors, from elementary school to university, and even die-hard Quants. Contrary to the pundits, there is a groundswell of enthusiasm and interest in Math and Sciences across the spectrum. Pi Day is the most visible demonstration. The annual ritual Drop of The Giant Pi, viewed live across the United States, takes place in cyberspace at Pi Day Ground Zero -- the Pi Department at -- on March 14 at precisely 1:59 pm (3.14.1:59 -- the first six digits of Pi). The Countdown is already running live. PI DAY COUNTDOWN, & GIANT PI DROP at: Pi lovers don Pi Day shirts, display Pi Day posters and Pi scrolls, drink from Pi Day mugs, and serve pie in Pi Day aprons, as the Giant Pi descends majestically for its annual 'touch down.' MEDIA "INTERVIEW WITH THE PI" (Visual & Voice): Media interviews with the Pi (visual and voice) are available Monday March 13th and Tuesday March 14th as the Pi prepares for its Pi Day drop from the Giant Crane. PI DAY GEAR: EVERYDAY PI: (American Pi, Strawberry Pi, Pi-in-the-Sky, Apple Pi, Pizza Pi, etc) WORLD'S LARGEST PI POSTER (4 feet x 8 feet: One Million Digits): Pi Scrolls: H. Greenspan, 877-838-1665

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