Another new benefit from access to the technical library!

Finally, ISA Releases Their Technical Paper Library!

Another Reason Why You Should Join ISA!

From Dale Lee, at ISA HQ: Full dues paying ISA Members now receive free access to over 2,500 papers from past ISA EXPO conferences and Division symposia. Download them as PDF files from ISA's Web site at no cost during the term of your membership. New papers are added each year as new conferences are conducted. Why wait? Take advantage of this new Member benefit today! To access your free technical papers, go to and click "My ISA" and "Online Files" from the left navigation bar. (If you aren't already logged in, you'll be prompted to log in with your member ID and password. Once you've logged in, select "Return to online files." If you are already logged in, you'll be taken directly to your online files page.) Scroll down to the Technical Papers section and select "Members (full dues) access the full library." Thank you, ISA, for finally giving back to the members what they've put in. For years it has been a bone of contention between ISA and its very own members who contribute the content for ISA Technical Papers, standards, and even magazine articles, which the members contribute for free, that ISA owns the intellectual property, once contributed. It is one reason I no longer give papers at ISA conferences. I refuse to give my intellectual property away for free. Now, thank whoever decided to do it, ISA has re-thought itself, and those very members who contributed the technical content can download their own papers, in published form, for free. Way to go, ISA! Walt Boyes
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