Attending the Church of 21st century Manufacturing

Twice a year, many of us gather at the ARC Forum for what is often jocularly referred to as the Church of Realtime Manufacturing and we listen to "pastor" Andy Chatha and the ARC analysts and we sing in the choir. But I keep wondering how far these truly visionary ideas we all here believe in are actually penetrating the manufacturing community. We keep talking about things like real time performance and asset management and performance optimization for a decade and a half now...and we have not yet achieved 30% penetration among companies. This year Pastor Andy's message was about creating communities of interested people; benchmarking with the companies that -are- led by the converted, and generating detailed best practices guides instead of 30,000 foot views and TLAs. I am convinced that this is the way forward. Of cource, I've been a confirmed member of Andy's congregation for a long time.