Back in the meeting hall at ARC

Testifyin' on Justifyin' and Collaboratin' and MESsing about  While all the backroom briefings were going on, back in the real Forum, Dave Woll, Dick Hill, and Greg Gorbach, ARC analysts all, led concurrent sessions on justifying the value of automation, with panelists from DuPont, Petro-Canada, Dow, and Genentech; supplier and customer collaboration with panelists Mike Sarli from Exxon-Mobil and Rob Aleksa from Procter and Gamble; and MES and operations management with JEff Herrell of TRW Automotive and Dennis Cocco of Activplant. The Visionaries Then Jack Bolick, President and CEO Honeywell Process Systems, along with the aforementioned Michel Crochon of Schneider and Dennis Sadlowski of Siemens presented their visions for the automation future, and again, as in the morning session, each produced a customer to provide graphic proof of the reality of the visions presented. Bolick introduced the team of Eric Rojas and Karl James, from Freeport LNG who discussed the advantages they've found in giving Honeywell all their automation business. Crochon's customer was Mark Scherrens of UPS, while Sadlowski produced an aerospace user from Lockeed Martin.