Been a few days, hasn't it?

So maybe you'd like to know what I've been up to? Or maybe not, but here goes anyway. Last week was a very full one. Left Sunday for Park City, UT. There's nothing to do in the summer in Park City, UT. That's why we have our AutomationXchange event there. This year, we combined the Control and ControlDesign events, and had over 200 vendors and buyers from a wide variety of process and discrete and machine builder industry verticals. Did I mention that there's nothing to do in the summer in Park City? From arrival on Sunday, to leaving on Wednesday morning, the schedule is deep, filled, and regimented for all participants, including the Control editorial staff. Two end users presented talks at AutomationXchange: Keith Hill at GlaxoSmithKline in Raleigh NC and Rob Brooks, Process Control Supervisor from PPG, Lake Charles LA. Keith discussed his company's movement from batch processing to continuous processing, and Rob talked about the extensive implementation of wireless sensors and industrial backhauls in Lake Charles. This is the most useful set of meetings I attend every year.