Bolick Shares Honeywell Vision

"The Honeywell team will make sure you make it to the finish line." Using the image of Richard Petty's team pushing him across the finish line at Daytona, Jack Bolick, Honeywell's CEO, provided his vision for the future at the Honeywell User Group's 30th Anniversary Session today. "There are three basic things that shape our vision," Bolick said, "Customer relationships, technology that enables solutions, and operational excellence." "In 1975, there were 34 attendees at the first HUG meeting here in Phoenix. This year, we have over 800 attendees from 28 countries, a total 30% higher than last year," he explained. Part of the Honeywell vision is driven by the fact that 60% of plant engineers will retire by 2010. Personnel actions cost $20B per year, just in the petrochem space. 50% of maintenance efforts are unnecessary, and about 10% of them are harmful. With this as background, Bolick believes that it is Honeywell's mission to expand beyond being a hardware and software company. "We firmly believe," he said, "that Experion is the solution. We have designed Experion so that it solves bigger problems than simply automation." He pointed to sales growth that he claimed was double the industry average: 16% in orders, 8% in sales. He noted that Honeywell's globalization strategy is working, with 50% growth in Russia, and 40% growth in China. He noted that the acquisition of all of TATA Honeywell, and of Petrocom in Russia will permit increases in both global engineering capabilities and global integration services. Bolick again referred to the increasing lack of institutional knowledge at the end user level, pointing out that the new product, Unisym, created out of the acquisition of Hysis from Aspentech last year, "spans the lifecycle of the plant" from initial design to upgrade. "And we will continue to "˜plug-and-play' technologies through acquisition in all areas," he concluded. Bolick went on to reveal that although Honeywell is running at 98% on-time delivery, the Honeywell User Group says "do more." They've asked Honeywell to streamline Experion licensing, to make the software easier at initial install, and to provide better tools in the open system environment. Bolick pointed to Honeywell initiatives in CyberSecurity, in corrosion protection, and in advanced simulation solutions, as well as highly detailed migration strategies for both Honeywell and Third Party migration to Experion PKS. "Experion R300," he said, "is our best offering, that solves our users' wants and needs."