Can we be even more obvious, ISA? This is embarrassing a fine institution!

First, the ISA100 leadership rushes out a draft standard after the editorial team "handles" over 2000 technical comments in less than 98 days (including weekends and holidays).

Now they want to teach us how to design an ISA100 Compliant product.

Can you say "Chutspah?" Boys and Girls?

Here's a press release received this evening:

ISA brings you the wireless insight and training you need with the NEW, comprehensive suite of ISA100 training courses!

ISA's wireless courses are designed for end-users, suppliers, integrators, academics, or even government regulatory officials to gain sufficient understanding and applicable experience to make critical decisions related to the use of wireless technology in their respective enterprises. This series of courses can take you from novice to entrepreneur in the emerging field of industrial wireless technology.

Industrial Wireless Systems

Application of Industrial Wireless Systems

Developing an ISA100.11a Wireless Compliant Product

Using RFID/RTLS to Track Industrial Assets


There isn't a standard yet. There isn't even a decent consensus on the second draft of the standard. We have no way of knowing what "an ISA100.11a Wireless Compliant Product" looks like, because there isn't a standard to be compliant to.

Enough is too much! This is embarrassing a once-highly-respected standards body.