Catchin' up

I've been blogging rather raggedly for the last week or so, mainly because I've been trying to get the July issue of CONTROL to the printer. Not having a managing editor right now (thank you, Siemens, for pirating my excellent managing editor, Steve Kuehn) it has been just loads of fun. The issue is off to the press now, and I can catch up on stuff. I stopped blogging last week right in the middle of the ARC conference on interoperability, which is where I met Ron Monday (see the previous item in the blog) and started to get updated on the state of interoperability. I will be posting my comments on the ARC meeting, and on the concept of interoperability and what it means for the plant of the future (yes, I am writing an article of the same name for the cover story of the August issue of CONTROL) in the next few days. The long holiday weekend will likely give me a chance to catch up. Also, I want to talk some more about system integrators, and how they make their living. Walt