Caught in an endless loop...the ISA Umbrella Organization

Fifteen Years Later, It's Deja Vu All Over Again!

Walt, I thought I got hit in the head and woke up repeating my life from 15 years ago when I read your blog. Luckily, the web has lots of good content so I used it to confirm that we were repeating life from 15 years ago. I'm refering to the minutes of the May 13, 1991 ISA Board meeting (shortly after my 26th birthday). Hey, there's Ken Baker's name. There's the "umbrella organization". My recollection of events at the time was that key people in ISA recognized that they had a problem and proposed the "umbrella organization" to save the society. This argument couldn't be conveyed to the voting members of ISA who shot it down. It will be interesting to see if Ken is able to sell the "umbrella organization" to voting ISA members now that he's President, rather than chairman of the Organization Structure Task Force. If it happens, it will have taken ISA almost 15 years to implement the committee's recommendations. Not too agile... - Mark Wells

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