Controls great Bèla Liptàk goes to India

An article in the Times of India Pune edition on November 28 reports that Control columnist and Process Automation Hall of Fame memberBela Liptak Bèla Liptàk will be speaking. To read the article, click on the link and navigate to the edition for November 28, page 25. I've quoted much of the article below because of the difficulty of finding it. It was written by Times of India correspondent Pravda Aashay. The article begins, "IT enables cattle to be milked and maintained healthy on farms without human intervention. Huge chemical plants run round the clock, thanks to it. Instrumentation, the emerging science, can make one understand many complex things in the world. KnOWledge in the same gives quantification for analysis and design. instrumentation is that branch of engineering that helps us deal with issues like toxic gases in the environment, etc. Air or water pollution too can be possibly understood and controlled now, thanks to some new methods in instrumentation." "Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune," continues the article's author, Pravda Aashay," is organising an International conference on this topic in the first week of January 2008. An initiative of the Department of Instrumentation Engineering of VIT, the conference is titled 'Sensors,Signal Processing, Communication,Control and Instrumentation.'" The article continues, "The keynote speaker for the conference will be Bela G Liptak, from USA, who is a big name in instrumentation engineering." "The automation industry will lead the growing Indian economy along with IT industry in the future and the conference will throw a lot of light on some issues that the coming generation would be worried about,like water and power," says Hemant Abhyankar,  Principal,VIT, quoted in the article. The article concludes, "The Department of Instrumentation Engineering of VIT is one of the prominent departments in the region in terms of faculty, and their research facilities, students, and placements. The role of instrumentation, measurement and automation in various fields of engineering technology and science like aviation, marine, process automation industries like pharma,petrochemical, refineries, and automobile etc is significant."