Cooper Industries keeps Elpro and Omnex separate

 Ever since Cooper Industries bought MTL and gave it to its Crouse-Hinds division, while simultaneously buying Omnex Controls and giving it to Cooper Bussman, there has been speculation that Cooper might be able to achieve significant synergies by merging the two organizations, but that apparently will not least for the foreseeable future.  From Frank Williams at MTL/Elpro:  Cooper Industries advances its wireless technology strategy San Diego, Ca, May 23, 2008 - Cooper Industries (through acquisition and building on core competencies)continues to expand its product portfolio with emphasis on cutting-edge technology delivering higher valueadd to its broad customer base - wireless technology is a key investment. Over the past few months Cooper Industries acquired two wireless technology leaders in their respective markets - Omnex Controls by the Cooper Bussman division and MTL/ELPRO Technologies by the Cooper Crouse-Hinds division. Each of these companies adds a significant advantage to the Cooper Industries' wireless strategy. ELPRO and OMNEX share a long and strong history as leaders and innovators in the industrial wireless marketplace. Cooper Industries is proud to have these organizations and their unique channels become part of the Cooper family and will look to them to continue to support their customers. Cooper Industriesdoes not plan to change OMNEX’s and ELPRO’s successful sales strategies, and the two companies will continue to operate as separate market-leaders to advance Cooper Industries' wireless strategy. Cooper Industries recognizes that no single wireless technology fits all applications. We will be able to meet the demanding needs of our diverse customers by offering a variety of wireless technologies. ELPRO, Omnex, and other Cooper businesses each have unique wireless capabilities that will be used to create a solution tailored to each customer need. Industrial wireless is undergoing a transition from a niche to main-stream position in the automation market, and Cooper Industries is excited to play a leading role in the development of new standards and technologies. ELPRO and OMNEX, in conjunction with MTL and Cooper Industries, will work together to advance new industrial wireless technologies. As the market continues to develop and standards are adopted within industrial/commercial markets, Cooper Industries will utilize the strengths of these groups to ensure we deliver the best solutions available for the problems that exist today as well as those that our customers identify tomorrow.