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Every so often an automation vendor company does something cool. Here's a release from Advantech to celebrate their thirtieth year in business.

(Cincinnati, OH –January 2013 Advantech, a global leader in the industrial platform computing and automation device market, will be commemorating its 30th anniversary in 2013. To celebrate the arrival of their 30th year, Advantech will launch biking events around the world throughout the year; the program will be entitled, "Cycling with Advantech @ 30".

Founded in 1983, Advantech has always preserved two core business philosophy values: maintaining a focused attitude, and nurturing altruistic LITA values. According to Advantech Chairman and CEO, KC Liu, "The first decade of Advantech was like all other enterprises, just hoping to survive in a challenging environment. But as we entered the second decade, a stable foothold was established and we began to expand our global sites. Then, as we stepped into the third decade, Advantech began to give back and share its achievements and resources with education, the arts, charities and other caring organizations, thereby actively contributing to the whole of society. And now, looking to the future, Advantech would like to pass on this heritage and altruistic spirit of business."

"In order to draw attention to all our core values and concepts during the 30 years of Advantech’s growth, we decided to launch a global activity program entitled, "Cycling with Advantech @ 30", which is a series of biking activities intended to highlight our heritage and our values. These cycling activities incorporate two levels of importance, one of which symbolizes the Advantech enterprise development flywheel which keeps on turning and moving forward. The second encourages global Advantech colleagues and partners to join us in healthy cycling activities whilst learning about Advantech's heritage and innovative, forward looking spirit of enterprise", said KC Liu.

"Cycling with Advantech @ 30" is a series of biking activities which will shortly commence in 30 cities around the world. Taichung city, in central Taiwan was the first global kickoff point with more than 200 employees, partners, and customers together with Advantech on the first 30-kilometer cycling journey. On top of that, Advantech is now planning a one thousand bicycle ride in Taipei city. Advantech will continuously roll out these biking events in various cities worldwide, including Taichung, Taipei, Xi'an, Shanghai, Beijing, Kunshan, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Gyeongju, Tokyo, Singapore, Melbourne, Moscow, Bangalore, Milan, Paris, Munich, Eindhoven, St. Paul, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Monterrey and elsewhere.


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