Eating with Jack

Jack Bolick had grilled chicken for lunch yesterday, and the media had grilled Jack. I find it fascinating that at this time in the history of the automation industry, so many companies are headed by remarkably down-to-earth CEOs. Jack Bolick, Dinesh Paliwal, Mike Caliel, John Berra, and others are no-nonsense unpretentious people who believe in directness and honesty with themselves, their employees, their customers and the media. It is a refreshing change, frankly, from several years ago. Bolick's ability to be honest and direct has done much to bring Honeywell's employees back into fighting trim, and has fostered an internal culture of service to the customer that is unparalleled and refreshing. Maybe Honeywell needed to be b*tchslapped by GE in order to change. Change they have, and the changes are beneficial and permanent, and of tremendous benefit to the process automation end user. Let's all do what Jack Bolick is doing: focus on the customer.