Emerson Strikes While the Wireless is HOT!

Emerson Announces First Products for Wireless After Declaring All Wireless Problems Solved

My suspicious-minded contacts at other vendors and at end-users want me to point out that this is in advance of: *The WINA Wireless webcast scheduled for tomorrow, *The HART Wireless Working Group meeting scheduled for Venice in less than a month, and *The first SP100 ballot item, due March 28. My suspicious-minded and cynical contacts asked me these questions, this morning when I went to them for comment: 1. What changes will Emerson be willing to make to conform to the HART Wireless protocol, when it is finished? 2. What changes will Emerson have to do to their product to make it legal everywhere in the world, not just in the USA? 3. Emerson says there will be an upgrade path to full HART Wireless compatibility, but has refused to specify what the plan consists of...Why? 4. Emerson is partnering with Dust Networks. What happens if Dust isn't the chosen HART Wireless vendor? 5. This would not be the first time Emerson has introduced a product they can't ship immediately (The SIS system comes to mind...) What is delivery? To give everybody the same reference I have, I've decided to print Emerson's release in full, unedited, below.


Rosemount® 753R with iTraX® web-based system enables users to prevent customer outages and reduce logistics costs

CHANHASSEN, MINN (February 28, 2006) - Emerson Process Management has announced the Rosemount 753R with iTraX® web-based monitoring system for inventory management. First in the industry to integrate smart sensors, communications and self-contained power into a single packaged solution, the new monitoring system includes intelligent Rosemount 753R indicators that provide reliable wireless communication of measurement data, alerts, and device health status through established cellular networks. The data is accessed via the secure iTraX web interface. The 753R with iTraX is the first of many technologies in Emerson's Smart Wireless portfolio which improve access to critical information that was previously inaccessible. While the 753R with iTraX connects global remote assets for inventory management, Emerson's other Smart Wireless technologies to be released this year will connect unmanned sites near plants, and introduce robust self organizing networks in plants to increase access to diagnostics for asset optimization. The Rosemount 753R with iTraX is ideal for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and remote inventory monitoring applications where avoiding customer tank outages is critical to distributors of industrial gases, specialty chemicals, and fuel. The new smart monitoring system mitigates tank outages and dramatically reduces the logging of thousands of miles from unnecessary bulk product deliveries. The iTraX interface provides electronic alerts that notify logistics managers when a specific tank is reaching low levels, preventing costly tank outages. By automating the monitoring process with best practices, bulk deliveries can be planned based on operational need, eliminating sub-optimal distribution schedules and routes. It is common for users of web based monitoring systems to realize from 10% to 25% savings in logistics costs over manual inventory management. The quality and timeliness of remote measurement data provided by the Rosemount 753R with iTraX has been demonstrated by early adopting customers to have greater than 99.5% data reliability. This ensures that accurate and timely information is made available for maximum operational benefit. The iTraX database may also be linked to a user's proprietary enterprise system through a secure connection and an application programming interface. The iTraX web interface allows users to configure, monitor, and manage a remote HART® transmitter through a secure web portal. Level and system alerts with email or pager notification can also be established for timely communication to the right personnel to take appropriate action. The Rosemount 753R is compatible with 2-wire HART instrumentation and is part of Emerson's broad range of intelligent, digital field devices. Emerson's extensive network of factory-certified instrument consultants are available to help users implement Rosemount technologies to optimize business performance and minimize risk. The 753R with iTraX is currently available in the U.S. with other world area availability coming soon. To learn more, go to www.rosemount.com/753R.

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