Expertune and TiPS

I was asked, many months ago, to be one of the two keynote speakers for the first-ever joint user group meeting for Expertune and TiPS. Companies don't, as a general rule, combine user groups, for obvious reasons. So I was interested to hear the reasons why, as expounded by Chris Wilson, TiPS Marketing Director, and George Buckbee, his opposite number at Expertune. "We've had a partnership for 12 or 13 years now," Wilson said. "TiPS wrote a set of drivers for Expertune, and although the product is no longer made, we've continued the partnership on the OPC level." "We have some joint engagements which carry the partnership to a broader scope," Buckbee added, "like Lyondell, GE Advanced Materials, and some others. These clients have a common insight and they saw a common ability to solve their problems with both of us."