From Honeywell: Enraf deal is final

Another entry in the Directory of Lost Companies

Honeywell completes Enraf acquisition

Is this a trend: will Honeywell change its longstanding policy and become a field instrument company?

Going boldly into the wild and wooly world of field instrumentation, Honeywell Process Systems has completed the purchase of Enraf from Delft Holdings, the company announced today. "This acquisition brings tremendous upside to both Enraf and Honeywell Process customers in the energy production supply chain," said Jack Bolick, president of Honeywell Process Solutions. "The integration of Enraf products into the Honeywell portfolio enables us to provide more comprehensive solutions that will reduce installed, operating and engineering costs and improve our customers' performance.  In addition, the acquisition brings an opportunity to grow within our existing customer base and in new sectors such as bio-fuels, LNG terminals and petrochemicals." Jack's right, but what is left unsaid is that two of the leaders of the pack in tank farm level include the erstwhile PKS Advantage partner, Endress+Hauser, and new flow meter private label partner, Krohne AG. Clearly, Honeywell thinks it is necessary to have an inhouse competitor to Emerson's Rosemount level product line (the radar gauges formerly known as Saab Tankcontrol), and they are right as far as that goes. I asked Jack a couple of weeks ago if he thought Krohne might be a little miffed, and he dismissed the notion. But it seems a little like "slap your grandmaw" based on the timing. Honeywell announced their new relationship with Krohne not a month ago. The question remains, will Honeywell dabble, or will they go "boot don't spatter" into field instrumentation? Does Honeywell intend to have at least one of everything to counteract Emerson's "we have two of that" technique?