From Jean Vielle, to Don Zee and Ken Hilgers at ISA

I suppose you have already read this Jim Pinto's analysis of ISA situation. As a former Section President, District VP and executive Board member, I should say I almost 100% agree with Jim's impertinence. I tried to initiate changes and infuse new thinking, but the disease is too deep. Non-decision or lenghty middle age stratgegic processes consume volunteers' motivation and energy. I have experienced more frustrations than benefits in volunteering at ISA and I am personnally tired and not motivated to continue suporting the ISA mission unless significant changes are made. My only hope is that the top level management is totally dedicated, experienced, clever and respected, and that everything is possible for you as ISA Presidents providing you dare to shake the old boy's club and impose your vision and your will to initiate very short term profound changes. With my Best Regards Jean Vieille ISA District 12 Section Activity Liaison