Happy Birthday, Legos!

As long as we're talking about hooking the kids on science, we'd be remiss to let this important birthday pass. Monday Lego bricks marked the Big Five-Oh on Monday! Fifty years worth of Lego-y goodness and fun and sneaky teaching going on. (Not to mention 50 years of Lego prints embedded in the bare soles of parental feet!) We're a bit late, but have a piece of virtual cake on us. birthday cake In other news, in case you were wondering were Walt is and why he's let his crazy ME take over the blog, he's grounded in Austin, Texas. The winds are 50 mph down there, and it's snowing like crazy here in Chicago. Chances of getting a flight home tonight--zip, zilch, zero, . . .  you get the idea.  But unlike many fellow travelers, he has a room for the night. So not to worry. He'll be back online.