HART 7: Ron Helson responds

When I received Jack Bolick's letter, I called Ron Helson, who replied as follows: The September 5th letter to the editor from Honeywell's Jack Bolick was a surprise and disappointment to the HART Communication Foundation (HCF). The letter is counter to the view of the HCF staff and the HCF Members who overwhelmingly approved the HART 7 Specifications including WirelessHART during the extensive review and approval process that concluded in June of this year. The open process used to create this enhanced HART Standard began more than two years ago with the support of both the Board and the Membership. This process engaged the brightest minds from the leading companies in our industry, including Honeywell, and produced a wireless communication standard that is simple, reliable and secure, meeting the needs of users and the process automation industry. The HART 7 Specifications, including WirelessHART, have been overwhelmingly approved by HCF members and are ready for official release. I believe that the HCF Board of Directors will affirm the desire of the HCF Membership and authorize release of these Specifications at tomorrow's meeting. Honeywell's continued strong support of the HART Protocol technology is very much welcomed and I hope that they will reconsider their position on this important matter.