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If you are in Manufacturing of any kind in North America, you must be paying attention to the calls for and the need for revitalizing manufacturing processes using smart technologies. Otherwise you're dead, or soon will be. Manufacturing cannot be allowed to disappear from North America, and we are actually close to seeing a rebirth. But we have to work harder on getting the workforce prepared, and getting our infrastructure prepared.

So I am pleased to suggest that you attend NACFAM's annual policy conference. NACFAM is the National Council for Advanced Manufacturing. The lineup of speakers is terrific. I wish I was going, but I have to be at the ABB Automation and Power World conference instead. I will be paying attention to what is said, though.

NACFAM Annual Policy Conference - Time To Register

America's "Top 3" Manufacturing Policy Priorities: Make It Happen!

Plan now to join us - at NACFAM's Annual Policy Conference on April 25, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, VA.

To register now, go to NACFAM's Annual Policy Conference in Future Events (see below) for the Conference Registration Form.

Speakers include:

Dr. Patrick Gallagher, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Director -- keynote speaker

Drew Greenblatt, Marlin Steel, President -- luncheon speaker

Promote Product & Process Innovation and R&D Innovation

Dr. Steve Hammond, Pfizer, Senior Director/Team Leader, Process Analytical Sciences Group

Dr. James Davis - UCLA Vice Provost & Principal Investigator, Smart Process Manufacturing Initiative

Improve Global Competitiveness for U.S. Companies

Richard Wynne - The Boeing Company, Director of Environment & Aviation Policy

Jack McDougle - Council on Competitiveness, Senior Vice President

Build a Better Educated & Trained Workforce

Dr. Mel Schiavelli - Harrisburg University of Science & Technology, President

Gardner Carrick - The Manufacturing Institute (NAM), Director of Strategic Initiatives

The Changing World of Sustainable Manufacturing

Nathan Nissen, Kohler Co., Program Supervisor, Sustainability

Dr. John Sutherland - Purdue University, Head of Environmental & Ecological Engineering