Honeywell agrees to acquire Matrikon-- and there is rejoicing throughout OPC land - #pauto

After many years of "supporting OPC" by producing their own, incompatible, Honeywell OPC, Honeywell has acquired one of the fountainheads of OPC technology. For years, customers have complained that HOPC is a proprietary implementation of an open standard (!).

Now they'll be able to get both Honeywell service and support, and the real deal from Matrikon. That's a genuine win for all the Honeywell ecosystem...and for any third party that has ever tried to connect to a Honeywell OPC server.

From the release: Honeywell today announced it has signed an agreement valued at approximately $142 million USD (approximately $145 million CAD) to acquire Matrikon Inc. (TSX:MTK), a company specializing in software that helps industrial manufacturers operate their plants safely, reliably and efficiently. The acquisition will strengthen Honeywell’s position in the high-growth oil and gas and power value chains and increase its global footprint in key regions. The transaction is subject to approval by Matrikon’s shareowners.